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CDNM is home to two core facilities, as defined by the National Institutes of Health: The BWH/Harvard Cohorts Biorepository, which houses biological samples from NHS and NHS II subjects, and the Channing Computer Core, which tracks, maintains, and stores information on all CDNM cohort samples and supports scientists in performing research using CDNM cohort information.

Brigham and Women’s/Harvard Cohorts Biorepository

Channing Computer Core

Brigham and Women's/Harvard Cohorts Biorepository

The Brigham and Women’s/Harvard Cohorts Biorepository collects, handles, and distributes biospecimens in support of chronic disease epidemiologic research. The cohorts represented in the Biorepository are still conducting follow-up today, most with very little attrition. Specimens collected up to 30 years ago are matched with information on diet, lifestyle, medication use, morbidity, mortality, and other health-related data.

Channing Computer Core

The Core provides services for PC support, Unix/Linux server support with options for big data storage, bioinformatics and information management systems for laboratories, and more.

The Core has a dedicated staff with many years of experience in the areas of systems administration/architecture, applications development, quality control, database administration, LIMS, and compute clusters to support the Channing Division of Network Medicine’s research goals.

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