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Tinashe Chikowore, PhD

Research Areas: gene-lifestyle interacttions; polygenic risk scores; genomics of cardiometabolic traits in African populations; dietary pattern analysis; nutrition

Dr Tinashe Chiowkore is an Investigator in the Channing Division of Network Medicine and the Genetics Division at Brigham Woman’s Hospital and an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. My area of excellence is the application of genetics, Omics, and machine learning to nutrition-based and complex disease research. He is a recipient of a prestigious Wellcome Trust International Training fellowship that focuses on characterizing gene-lifestyle interactions in African populations. Recently, he received the Charles Epstein Excellence in Human Genetics Award from the American Society of Human Genetics for an outstanding abstract submitted and presented during a plenary session. Through independently initiated collaborative work, has made substantial intellectual contributions to the development of polygenic risk for type 2 diabetes in Africa and the transferability of genetic risk scores across the regions of Africa. This work has been published in high-impact journals such as Diabetes Care and Nature Medicine. He mentors underrepresented postdoctoral research fellows and Ph.D. students in genomics through weekly journal clubs and one-on-one meetings. He also participate in teaching international courses led by the Wellcome Trust Connecting Science initiative in Asia and Africa. His work leverages the genomic and environmental data collected in the Human Hereditary and Health Consortium, funded by the National Institute of Health and the Wellcome Trust. He was recently awarded an Emerging Leader travel award to recognize how I have grown in this consortium and the impact of my current work and mentoring initiatives. He is is currently, the chairperson of the H3Africa CVD Working Group, which is the largest resource in Africa with both genetic and environmental factors.

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