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Robert P. Chase

Robert Chase (Rob – he/him/his) is a Senior Research Systems Analyst at the Channing Division of Network Medicine within the Department of Medicine at Brigham Health and has fulfilled a variety of roles within the Channing since early 2012.

Robert writes analysis code and workflows for analyzing genomics data in python, bash, R, and snakemake, as well as building infrastructure projects for use by the systems staff and other members of the Channing, including training documentation on the compute infrastructure in google classroom and a web application for fulfilling cloud provisioning tasks in python-django. Robert builds and maintains a number of web applications in shiny-R for displaying data to stakeholders, as well as writing Rmarkdown documents for distribution within the research groups he supports. Robert fulfills cloud projects in the Channing’s GCP infrastructure for research groups at the Channing. Robert provides consulting through email responses, independent code generation, paired programming sessions, and meetings.

In addition to the code, Robert has written methodology sections for many of the papers which have used the data. To schedule a discussion or request project work, please contact the director of the bioinformatics CORE.

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