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Molin Wang, PhD

Research Areas: Biostatistics, Epidemiological methods

As a faculty member with joint appointments in both Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Dr. Wang’s current methodological researches focus on statistical challenges encountered in epidemiological studies, including assessment of timing of effect in survival analysis, causal inferences for clustered data, evaluation of etiological disease heterogeneity, methods for pooling biomarker data, and measurement error and missing data problems. She has also developed semi-parametric methods for reducing the impact of nuisance parameters.

She has been the lead statistician for the Nurses’ Health Study II and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, and the lead statistician for several projects based on the Harvard cohorts. She is also the lead statistician for the Pooling Project on Diet and Cancer in Women and Men, the Circulating Biomarkers and Breast and Colorectal Cancer Consortium, the Pooling Project on Gestational Weight Gain in Low- and Middle-income Countries and several HIV studies conducted in Uganda, Tanzania and India. She has been actively working on analyses, providing input into the development of analytic procedures and their interpretation, and overseeing software development for the routine implementation of advanced and novel statistical methods.

Before October 2010, she had worked on statistical collaborations in various oncology projects with Harvard-Dana Farber Cancer Institute biomedical investigators and the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG), with a focus on the design and analysis of breast cancer clinical trials.

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