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Enrico Maiorino, PhD

Research Areas: Machine Learning; Network Science; Bioinformatics; Multi-omics integration; Variational inference

I am a computer scientist and physicist interested in investigating the mechanistic underpinnings of complex diseases, with a particular focus on COPD and asthma. I develop tools based on network science and machine learning to integrate, analyze, and interpret extensive biomedical and omics datasets. Currently, I have been developing methodologies based on variational autoencoders to discover subtypes of COPD using clinical and multi-omics data. In previous works I proposed network-based measures to discover the genes implicated in the disease processes of asthma and COPD, as well as topological measures to measure the robustness properties of biological multi-layer networks. I also developed pipelines to dissect cell type heterogeneity using single cell transcriptomics data. As a PhD student I worked on time series analysis and prediction, and analysis of protein contact networks.

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