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Daniel Wang, MD, ScD

Research Areas: Microbiome; Epidemiology; Nutrition; Diabetes; Cardiovascular Disease; Alzheimer's disease; Dementia; Computational Biology; Metabolomics

My research is situated where nutrition, the human microbiome, and chronic disease epidemiology intersect. My research program has several key objectives: understanding the interindividual variability in response to diet, discovering novel biomarkers predictive of aging-related chronic diseases, and informing personalized dietary approaches for more effective prevention of cardiometabolic disease and Alzheimer’s dementia. To achieve these aims, our ongoing research initiatives integrate epidemiological methods, bioinformatic tools, and emerging ‘omics technologies. Furthermore, we employ a multi-omics approach, encompassing metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, and metabolomics, to decode the functional role of the microbial community in human health.

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