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Andrea Romanos-Nanclares, PhD

Research Areas: Nutritional Epidemiology; Cancer Epidemiology; Breast cancer; Dietary patterns; Nutrient analysis; Biostatistical Methods; Cohort studies; SAS programming; R programming; Metabolomics

Dr. Romanos-Nanclares is an Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Investigator at the Channing Division of Network Medicine (Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital). Her research is focused on investigating the role of diet in breast cancer prevention and identifying potential biological mechanisms underlying associations of diet and breast cancer risk. She has thoroughly investigated the impact of dietary patterns, specific foods and beverages, on the development of breast cancer, including examinations by tumor molecular subtype, in the Nurses’ Health Studies.

As a recipient of the K99/R00 grant award from the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Romanos-Nanclares is establishing a novel project to further decipher the role of chronic inflammation, specially related to diet, and ER-negative breast cancer risk using a multi-omics approach. Specifically, she aims to integrate diet with multi-omics data, leveraging a metabolomic profile of pro-inflammatory dietary patterns, plasma proteomics, and tumor tissue transcriptomics, using the unparalleled resources of the decades-long Nurses’ Health Studies. This pioneering research will provide novel insight into pathways and specific proteins, serving as critical first steps for the future development of risk biomarkers and therapeutic targets for aggressive tumor types such as ER-negative breast cancer.

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